Constitutional Law

Law School Workshop Series: Session #3

The Law School Workshop Series – organized by the Jurisprudence and Political Philosophy Discussion Group, NLSIU in association with Kautilya Society (NLSIU-chapter) – will be hosting workshops to develop working papers in legal and political philosophy. In the workshop, a paper and a response to this paper will be presented to initiate group discussion of the same. The lead discussant will then shares their thoughts and comments on the structure of the article – followed by an open discussion of the nuances and substantive content of the paper.

The initiative aims to promote a culture of research and writing among law students. We invite students, academicians, and faculty members to read the papers and share substantive and constructive comments with the authors in the sessions. 

Over the next few sessions, the Law School Workshop Series will be discussing the following papers:

  1. Politics of Difference (here) – by Shivi Dangi (24 July 2021)
  2. Right to Informational Privacy in India: Property Rule or Liability Rule  (here) – by Khushi M (14 August 2021)

  3. Actualizing(?) the Transformative Mandate: Interpretation of Article 17 (here) – by Prannv Dhawan & Jwalika Balaji (20th September 2021

    Prof. Aparna Chandra has kindly agreed to lead the discussion on the paper. 
    Topic: LSWS – Session 2 – Actualising the Transformative Mandate of Article 17
    Time: Sep 20, 2021; 05:00 PM India
    Meeting ID: 951 9513 7316
    Passcode: 111056

  4. Case Review: Social Action Forum for Manav Adhikar v. Union of India (here) – by Saumya Singh (forthcoming)

The sessions will take place on Zoom and are open to all. Further details about the dates and meeting credentials will be made available on this page periodically. 

The Law School Workshop Series was founded by Dr. Sushmita Pati and Prof. Raag Yadav. Anchal Bhatheja and Prannv Dhawan are the Student Convenors of the initiative. The Law School Workshop Series may be reached at