Write for LSPR

Follow the guidelines below to write guest-posts for Law School Policy Review

Submission Guidelines 

  1. The submission should deal with a relevant/topical issue concerning any area of Law/Policy. Only original content developed by the author(s) will be accepted. Submissions will be screened for plagiarism.
  2. Submissions must be emailed to lawschoolpolicyreview@gmail.com in the form of a word document. The subject of the email should be ‘SUBMISSION – GUEST POST’.
  3. The body of the email must contain a short bio of the author(s) and the name of the institution that they are affiliated to. Submissions are welcomed from students and practitioners alike.
  4. The submission should preferably be between 1200-1500 words. This stipulation is flexible at Editor’s discretion.
  5. The submission should contain a title and a subtitle. The subtitle can be in the form of a question or an assertion. For eg.,

Title – My Data is Mine: Data Control & the GDPR

Subtitle – The EU’s GDPR will bring an end to the corporates’ casual attitude towards data by treating it as a factor of production.

  1. Any references must be in the form of hyperlinks in the body of the submission. Footnotes can be used too but should be avoided as far as possible.
  2. The author is also required to attach an image to accompany the piece. The Image should be representative of the submission’s topic, area or argument. It should be high quality (upwards of 1000p) and aspect ratio of 1:1 (Square).
  3. Submissions may be accepted/rejected based solely on the discretion of the Editorial Board. The editorial board will evaluate submissions on basis of criteria including but not limited to originality, language, structure and analysis.
  4. The Editorial Board may take up to 7 days to respond to submissions. Once accepted, the author can expect the submission to be published within 3 days of acceptance.
  5. Once posted on LSPR, a submission may be cross-posted on other platforms 3 days after the post on LSPR. The cross-post must carry the words ‘First posted on Law School Policy Review’, with a link to the LSPR post.

Please reach out to us at lawschoolpolicyreview@gmail.com for any clarifications.