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Law School Policy Review (LSPR)

LSPR is an online Law and Policy platform run by a group of students from the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. We aim to use our legal expertise and analytical skills to present novel arguments on domestic and international issues that affect our daily lives.

Founded in May 2018, LSPR was started with the objective of creating an open-access online platform to generate discourse on law and policy, of which there is a noticeable lack at the university level in India. We have tried to fill this void by writing on various contemporary issues and covering areas as wide as Public law, Foreign affairs, Economics, Jurisprudence, Politics etc. A number of eminent individuals have contributed to our blog, whose writings can be viewed here. LSPR is the successor to the Critical Twenties Blog, founded by Dr. Arghya Sengupta in 2010.

We are frequently cited across a number of platforms and academic journals in India and abroad, such as The Diplomat, The Print, Firstpost, Vice, Voelkerrechtsblog, SCC Online, Mondaq, Modern Diplomacy, Independent Australia, Social Change Journal and The Indian Journal of Law and Technology. Our articles have been cross-posted on multiple platforms such as LiveLaw, and The Eleventh Column. Our content has also been featured on global academic resource compendiums, and Legislative notes circulated among Members of the Indian Parliament. As of December 2020, LSPR has published over 300 articles, recording upwards of 3,50,000 views

Board of Editors

Shreyas Sinha (Managing Editor)
Kriti Jain
Bharat Harne
Dhawal M (Managing Editor)
Khushi Maheshwari
Kopal Mital
Devansh Kaushik
Mansi Gupta
Saumya Singh
Parv Tyagi
Vidhi Srivastava

Founding Editors

Binit Agrawal
Kashish Makkar
Prannv Dhawan

Past Editors

Ambarin Munir Khambati

Heramb Mishra

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