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Contribute for Migrant Workers’ Relief

The Backbone of our Economy needs our help. Please support LSPR’s donation campaign.


In the past few weeks, we have all observed the tribulations which migrants of our country have been undergoing. They have been forced to walk thousands of kilometres, manage with little food and in some tragedic cases, die. We cannot individually change all of this but can make a sincere attempt to help them. Thus, LSPR has started a donation campaign where you can choose to contribute with or without money.

There are 2 methods by which you can make your contributions towards the cause:

1. Donate directly to migrant workers requiring your aid through the Stranded Workers Action Network (SWAN). Just follow these steps:

  • Open this link:
  • Enter your details, the amount you wish to donate and the mode.
  • A volunteer from SWAN will get in touch with you with further steps required at your end, based on your responses to the form.

Read about SWAN’s brilliant work in providing relief to Migrant Workers and how they operate here. Additionally, people donating to SWAN can share the screenshots of their donations with us and we will be happy to feature their names on our platform to encourage others to donate as well.

2.  Contribute by shopping on Amazon: We have tied up with Amazon as an Affiliate Platform and any affiliate commissions that we will raise will go to SWAN from LSPR. All our posts (including this) have product images (books) in the end. Clicking on these images will take you to Amazon, where you can make your regular Amazon purchases (of any item and not just that of the featured images). We will receive affiliate commissions, which we shall donate to SWAN. You will be contributing to the cause without spending anything extra.

It is estimated that a Rs. 300 contribution can support the ration needs of one individual for up to a month. Please do contribute to the best of your abilities.

Picture Credits: Gajendra Yadav, Indian Express

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